Friday, April 15, 2005

If you need a home in Atlanta...  

... you might consider talking to Kelly Carnahan over at Atlanta Townhomes. He's helped at least one of my friends find a good home and has been patiently helping me find something (a) nice (b) close (c) affordable and, most importantly, (d) structurally sound.

This last part is perhaps the most important bit - see the picture of the cracked beam on icy hand of fate? Well, rather than just wandering around and saying "mmm, buyable goodness," Kelly (and the home inspectors he works with) actually look out for the customer and help them pick the best home - and then when the customer makes a choice, they *really* *inspect* the *home* with an eye to structural and resale deficiencies to make sure Kelly's proud of the sale.

Kelly has already saved me from at least one a possible $75K mistake and hopefully is steering me closer and closer to a Really Nice Home Really Soon Now. So I recommend him highly.

More developments as they happen...


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