Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The rich get richer ... no, wait, they're already there  

As a former Republican, remaining Libertarian, and once and future entrepreneur, I'm all in favor of the government getting out of the way of business and letting it get its work done because I know, at least for small businesses, it's frigging HARD.

That having been said, the distribution of wealth in this country shows signs that, at least for some folks, success gets easier ... or perhaps even out of control:

"It looks like two straight lines, but it's actually an astronomically steep curve that shows just how inequitably income, and power, are distributed in the US. And Alternet reports that the curve for wealth (accumulated income) is much steeper even than the income curve shown above. Five million US households possess over 60% of the nation's total wealth."

This sounds like a clear instance of Murdock's Law: "Once you become infinitely powerful, it is easy to find a way to win the game."

-the Centaur


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