Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Extra Spaces  

Qumana is a great blog post editor, but it has an interesting property that makes its posts appear weird on my web site.

If you hit return, it wraps the whole paragraph in a HTML "p" tag <p>like so</p>.

Which is nice, in theory it's how you're supposed to use the "p" tag, but ...

It puts huge spaces between paragraphs in my blog.

I'm not sure why this is happening.  Some CSS error in my stylesheet?  Some translation ... WHOA!

I just did "view source" on the published blog, and found extra <br> tags after each paragraph in the published blog!  So THAT's what is happening... now, of course, the question is WHY, since they don't show up on Qumana's Source View.
Here's seeing if switching from "Enter Starts A New Paragraph" to "Enter Starts A New Line" does the trick.
9:56pm hit return.
-the Centaur

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It turns out there is a Blogger setting to convert carriage returns to
tags! Turning this off removes the extra spaces in Qumana. A couple older posts get weird formats because of this, but that's an easy fix.
# posted by Blogger Anthony Francis : 10:12 PM
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