Monday, May 05, 2008

Regurgitating Slashdot...  

... does not constitute true "blogging," unless you really have something new to say about the topic.  Same goes for the tip you just found on Lifehacker.  Perhaps, the curmudgeon in me says, keep the "me too"s and "+1"s to yourselves?

But, I'm a hypocrite; half the tricks I learn and shiny sparklies I find, I only get because some other blogger has read it  (out of the dozens of other blogs I don't subscribe to), decided it was good, and regurgitated it into my waiting Google Reader.  So keep it coming ... I guess.  But I still need something more than "check out what I saw on Slashdot."

-the Centaur



I feel that way about my main blog. The problem was I was finding so many cool little things, but often would not have anything new to say about them. I would either post them to facebook or think of the specific friends I wanted to share them with and email it. I would always forget somebody.

Eventually I decided that my main blog would only be for my thoughts about something, and I created a new blog (Jim Davies Identifies These Things As Cool) for regurgitation. At least people know what they're signing up for.
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