Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Tragic Saga of Mr. Kool-Aid Man  

What I find on the Internet sometimes scares me.

You've all heard of Mr. Kool-Aid Man, yes? An American icon, yes, a true hero of the soft drink generation. But few know about his turn to the dark side and the role the X-Men and the A-Team have played fighting his growing threat.

Of course, Mr. Kool-Aid man has been accused of malfeasance before, but it was actually a case of mistaken identity ... if you believe the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence's official report, that is.

His true followers never deserted him, however, and Mr. Kool-Aid Man had only recently begun to return to public life when the Perry Bible Fellowship news broke the story of how he fell victim to mob violence(click on "Kids are Thirsty"). The horrifying true reality of how this warped his mind was revealed by our reporters at Applegeeks: "Oh Yeah".

Fortunately, Mr. T and Wolverine have joined forces to fight short and not entirely too well told battles to prevent Mr. Kool-Aid Man's evil from spilling out into the streets.

We don't yet know how this battle turned out. However, you'll read about it in the Weekly World News. And nowhere else.

-the Centaur



This is a Kool-Aid commercial, I think from the 60's, that is so incredibly weird I've seen it about 20 times.
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