Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Olive Tree  

Well, I've been away from posting for a while handing all the things that have come with traveling to the other side of the country to start work at some search engine that starts with a G. However, I'm proud to report that at least one task is out of the way: it looks like I have a place to live!

Now the two most important features of this house were a place to put Sandi's artroom ...

...and my library ...

but the coolest thing: it has olive trees!

Mmmm ... I can smell me some Lebanese cooking in my future.

-the Centaur



Looks like a great house! I hope you get wall-to-wall shelving in the library, and I hope it's enough to store all your media. Must have cost you a fortune to get it all moved .
# posted by Blogger Jim Davies : 1:21 PM
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