Sunday, July 31, 2005

Reward the Goodness  

So Captain D's now has lighter fare. For those who don't know me, I am the "Captain D's Guy". The restaurant was founded the same year I was born, and I imprinted upon it at an early age when my mom would drop me off there for lunch while she shopped at the grocery store next door. Even now, I still eat there twice a week - sometimes even twice a day.

Flash forward ten years. My uncle Joe died of heart failure when I was in college - and my dad had quite the history of heart disease himself - so even though I'm adopted I figured it was time to start looking ahead to beat the family curse. I decided to focus on baby steps: going for a walk once a week, or ordering one less piece of fish for lunch, or switching from fries to rice. This was difficult, but over time the "baby steps" approach worked: I went from walking to running to the Peachtree, and from the three piece fried fish dinner to the two-piece broiled grill with veggies. It took another ten years, but I eventually DID manage to lose the college fat and bring the cholesterol (which never was bad, mind you) under control.

Fast forward to now. I'm developing a "your money is your voice" philosophy: I choose to shop at Whole Foods, and will soon choose to switch to a hybrid car, NOT because I'm a granola health food environmental nut but instead because I think there is value to healthy food choices and fuel efficient cars and I'm willing to put some price premium on doing things a better way. Hopefully if enough people think like me, businesses will notice, and will apply some of that crackerjack capitalist ingenuity to making me happy in a healthy, environmentally conscious way.

SO I was pleased to see that Captain D's has indeed adopted lighter fare. In addition to the broiled lunch special I've been eating all this time, they've added low calorie, low carb and premium grilled selections which target any kind of health diet you so choose. And you know what? Surprise, surprise - they're some of the tastiest meals on the menu. And this is speaking from someone who loves fried fish: it's great to have something that tastes good be good for you, for a change.

Go check it out.
-the Centaur


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