Sunday, February 27, 2005

So tired you can't even think straight  

So as a blogger I'm supposed to write something neat and witty about commanding my first ATV EVA (six short letters compressing the oxymoronic phrase "all-terrain vehicle extra-vehicular activity"):

Of course, being "commander" basically meant that my job was to keep everyone on the right road so we could hit all the fun spots before we ran out of air:

And now the wit and wisdom of the post-digerati blogosphere should be inserted here. But unfortunately work on a Mars station, shorthanded and overloaded with post-refit cleanup tasks which in turn generate reams of paperwork, has left me --- has left us all --- so tired that I can't even think straight:

We're having to jury-rig components to keep the station's power working since the replacement generator hasn't arrived yet ...

... and don't ask about the war with the Mighty Martian Mouse.

But, on the bright side, I have a beautiful dreamer sending me the staff of life (pound cake) by Earth-Mars express.

So yall have a good night and I'm going to catch some z's.


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