Monday, January 31, 2005

The Worst Possible Good News  

I had my doctor's appointment and the results were good though discouraging.
My bone is healing perfectly, but slowly. Clinically my arm is healing perfectly
--- scar closed, swelling gone, good range of motion and promising strength ---
but on the x-ray you can clearly see that the bone isn't healed at the site of the
original break. My doc told me that while I could "return to the activities of
daily living", it could be up to two to three months before the bone is healed
to take the weight of handstand or a nengi (taido's spinning floor kick).

The super good news, thank God, is that my arm looks like it will completely
heal, so I don't want to screw that up! I've done some research on my own,
and the doc's projections are right on the money for what other physicians
project for a forearm break. According to my initial surveys if I was on
schedule for a break then around 10 weeks I'd be starting range of motion
therapy and at 12 weeks back to limited strengh training. I'm past 8 weeks,
so if anything I'm progressing ahead of schedule.

While I may talk to my doc about doing an early followup appointment,
realistically I'm not going to be able to go full out for at least a
couple of months. SO ... while I'm having a lot of fun at taido with
nengi and handstands and such, especially with the new ideas for the
upcoming tournament, it looks like I'm going to either have to miss
the tournament entirely or have my slot switched to do a less
intensive technique than throwing my head at the floor, missing,
and catching myself on my hands.

This sucks, but my arm looks like it's going to heal almost
perfectly --- and I plan to Do The Right Thing and keep it that way!




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