Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Reading from Liquid Fire on the Radio  

Reading from Liquid Fire tomorrow at 7 on KFJC radio's Unbedtime Stories with Ann Arbor ... sorry for the late notice!

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Finally finished frost moon earlier today. Then immediately fired on my wireless on kindle and bought the 2nd book Blood Rock. And 6 hrs later I'm done and tried to see if there were any others. Heard about Liquid Fire. Pweeeaase. When are you gonna finish it so I can buy it and reeeaaad it? I love these books. I've never written a book review and I feel these stories are absolutely too good not to give a review. Plots work throughout the books just right. U hear about death and carnage and violence and detective work from basically a wizarding civie. Good character creation, and they even stay on. Interesting take on magic. Interesting usage of intelligence, math, art, history, and everything in btw. Plus Dakota Frost is a hero personafied but has her own flaws. Each character has their good points and their bad. Politics everywhere. Perfect stories! Some may argue over the relationships she's been but hey failed relationships are practically commonplace. All around perfect stories! I give a 10 out of 5! But hurry! Make more pleeeeaaase!!!
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