Monday, September 15, 2008

The Housing Market: AKA Apollo 13  

I'm not in the market to sell my home, but thanks to the site Zillow I have a rough gauge of how my home is doing on the market. In the first year that I owned my home, I have reason to believe it appreciated between 1% and 2% of its value. More recently ... that's started to change for the worst.

Two months ago, according to Zillow's "zestimate", it had dropped 2% of its value.

Two days ago, it had dropped 10% of its value.

Today, it has dropped an additional 1% of its value.

Fun fun fun! I see "not moving anytime soon" in my immediate (and not-so-immediate) future.

-the Centaur



Sorry to hear it. Things aren't that bad in ATL, but we're leaking equity too. Just not quite so fast. For Ben's sake, I'm probably committed to this site for another 14 years.
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