Saturday, June 02, 2007

They're All Over Your Blog  

From a real conversation: Question: "Did I tell you I got two cats?" Answer: "They're all over your blog." Sigh. It's true: I have indeed become a disgusting cat person. Come here for topics of interest? Have some pet pictures instead!

And at least two or three upcoming blog entries are also about Nero and Caesar. There's no escaping it. "Seriously, man! Can't you talk about something else? For the love of Pete, show us something other than pet pictures!"

Well, OK; on December 17th, 2006, at 8:20pm I got Nicole running again - Nicole being the intelligent system I built for my Ph.D thesis. Nicole now runs on a Windows laptop (she's formerly a Unix-only program) and just five minutes ago scanning my archives I found a screen shot taken back in December the moment I got Nicole's memory inspector running again:

I'm so happy.... wait, are you saying that counts as a pet picture TOO? Curses.
-the Centaur



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