Monday, October 23, 2006

Scrolling through RSS  

Once again, I am behind the technology curve. Google Reader provides a convenient interface to a whole bunch of RSS feeds with a much more convenient interface than my other RSS readers - plus it has a neat "scrolling down counts a message as read unless you tell me otherwise" feature which makes it easy to keep up with new articles just by scrolling through whatever's new every time you look at it. Like Google Bookmarks (available if you log in) and Google Notebook (available through the Google Labs page) all these "always-on" services are changing my view of the Web.

Except of course I still can't get internet at home, dag nab it, since I live on the surface of Mars, which does put a kink in the whole thing (hence my nickname "Internet Cafe Boy"). Oh well. I pray that state of affairs won't last forever.




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