Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Welcome to Dresan Today  

So welcome to Dresan Today ... a new weblog enabling yet another wannabe digerati to dump his latest unfiltered thoughts to the Internet.

I'm Dr. Anthony G. Francis, Jr., a science fiction author and computer scientist living in Atlanta. Many of my longer pieces of nonfiction can be found on the parent site of this weblog, The Library of Dresan.

It takes me a while to update that site, so this weblog will (hopefully) serve a complementary purpose, giving me a quick sounding board for passing thoughts, cool pointers, and so forth.

I recommend the following sites:

Vast and Infinite, Gordon Shippey's weblog. I've known Gordon for almost 10 years and he's always got something interesting to say.

Studio Sandi, Sandi Billingsley's art site. Sandi is not just my significant other, she's also a fantastic artist!

On the topic of art, Megatokyo is one of my favorite webcomics; also be sure to check out The Devil's Panties, a webcomic by Jennie Breeden, a local Atlanta cartoonist.

-The Centaur



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